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Live Online Workouts

Fun and challenging group workouts - no equipment required.

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Tune up your workout

Live-streamed coach-led workouts in an online group class. Our Bodywork workouts provide a perfect combination of strength and cardio. The constantly varied programming will keep you motivated and progressing every week. Get personal attention, exercise options and form corrections. Keep motivated and accountable in our small group workouts.


Live streaming


Personal feedback

1 week trial


Workout anywhere


Bodyweight & weights


Private group

Supportive community


Small classes

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Stronger together

You're not in this alone. With our Fit Crew community, you'll find encouragement, motivation and accountability. Feel challenged and inspired every workout as we accomplish our goals together.

Your partner every leg of the journey

From the warmup to the cooldown you'll receive live feedback on exercise form as well as motivation and encouragement. Get personal video and text messages from the coach throughout the week. See updates and reminders in our private Facebook group as well as inspiration from other Fit Crew members.

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Fresh, fun and challenging

The constantly varied programming will keep you motivated and progressing every week. Bodyweight progressions as well as weighted options are provided for each exercise.


Bodywork Strength

Strength-focused workouts to build muscle.

Bodywork Conditioning

Conditioning-focused workouts to burn fat and improve body composition.


Bodywork Fusion

Blended strength and conditioning workouts to challenge your physical and mental capacity and encourage adaptation to all body systems.


Recalibrate your engine. This total body cool down will help you find a new state of calm and balance both the mind and body.

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See what our members are saying

I have been working out for 28 years and have tried many different programs. The Fit Stop is a beautiful balance between challenge, positive energy, community and healthy goals.

Hayley P.

The Fit Stop and Coach Tricia have totally changed my attitude on physical wellness. It used to feel like a chore - now it is something I am excited about and grateful for!

Meg C.

I have lost 15 lbs since starting with The Fit Stop! Plus, I have so much more energy throughout the day, it's amazing. The Fit Stop has seriously changed my life!

Kate T.

Test drive before you buy

Take our workouts for a spin with our free 1 Week trial. See and feel the difference in your mind and body after just one week. We know you'll love the workouts, coach and community. No credit card required and
no strings attached.

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Bundle and Save

Bundle and get the full experience. Get more options with Live Online workouts and unlimited On-Demand access. Save when you bundle our On-Demand Workout subscription with any of our Live Online Workout options. Choose a bundle that's right for you and your goals.

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Live Online Membership Pricing

1 Week Trial


1 week of live online group workouts

V8 Workout Pack


8 live online group workouts to use anytime

Tune Up Plus

$149 Per Month

12 monthly live online group workouts

Tune Up Unlimited

$199 Per Month

Unlimited live online group workouts

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Save 50% on your first month of

On-Demand Workouts when you bundle the V8 Workout Pack with an On-Demand Workouts subscription.

A coupon code to redeem your

On-Demand discount will be sent upon purchase of the V8 Workout Pack.

Save 66% on your first 3 months of

On-Demand Workouts when you

bundle Tune Up Plus with an

On-Demand Workouts subscription.

A coupon code to redeem your

On-Demand discount will be sent upon purchase of Tune Up Plus.

Save 75% on your first 6 months of

On-Demand Workouts when you bundle Tune Up Unlimited with an

On-Demand Workouts subscription.

A coupon code to redeem your

On-Demand discount will be sent upon purchase of Tune Up Unlimited.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try out a live group workout before I buy a membership?

Yes, we offer a free 1 week trial so you can test drive our live group workouts before you buy. Sign up for a free 1 week trial here.

How do I attend the live online group workouts?

All of the live online group workouts and private 1-on-1 sessions will take place via the Zoom platform.

A unique Zoom link is created for each group workout or private session and will be shared with each attendee. You can access your Zoom link from a number of different places: your confirmation email, your reminder email, your My Bookings page in the Members Area, and the Wix mobile app (download for iPhone or Android). If you are attending your first workout with us please join 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class time so that we can answer any questions or resolve any issues you might have when connecting.

How should I set up my home workout space for the live online workouts?

When setting up your workout space it is recommended to have at least 6-10 feet of space around you to move freely. Position your computer/camera so that you can easily view your coach and so that your coach can see you. Aim the camera at your hips to ensure your entire body is visible. In addition, any exercise equipment should be readily accessible to limit transition time during the workout.

What items do I need to participate in the live online group workouts?

You will only need a few items:
1. Computer, ipad/tablet or phone with a camera to attend the Zoom workout.
2. Yoga mat to make any ground-based movements/core exercises more comfortable.
3. Towel
4. Water bottle
5. (Optional) Free weights or bands to increase the intensity of the exercise.

Available on your favorite devices


The Fit Stop

Live-streamed and on-demand workouts with customized nutrition coaching to get you back in control of your health and fitness.

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