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Equipment Recommendations

You don't need equipment to get into great shape. Bodyweight workouts programmed with a variety of total body movements and specific work to rest intervals are highly effective. But if you are looking to add some more variety or challenge to your workouts, check out these simple yet highly effective pieces of equipment.

TRX HOME2 Suspension Trainer

The TRX HOME2 Suspension Trainer will take your Fit Stop workouts to the next level. Build, burn, and blast your way toward your goals, whether at home or on-the-go. Get 10% off the TRX HOME2 Suspension Trainer with our exclusive discount code AMB10OFF.

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Elitefts Resistance Bands

Elitefts Resistance bands are the versatile, go-anywhere accessory for customized resistance training. The Fit Stop workouts utilize this simple tool to create a variety of exercise variations from squats, deadlifts to rows, presses and more. Combine with weights to increase the intensity and add accommodating resistance. In addition, bands aid in warm-up and cool-down exercises as well as mobility work. Made of natural latex rubber with a seamless loop. At The Fit Stop we use and recommend the 41-inch Elitefts Pro Mini (Red), Pro Monster Mini (Green) and Pro Light (Orange) bands.


TRX Mini Exercise Bands

Make The Fit Stop workouts more challenging by adding TRX Mini Exercise Bands. The versatile stretch loops come in extra-light, light, medium and heavy tension levels and make it easy to progress through increasing levels of intensity. These elastic 12-inch TRX Mini Exercise Bands are durable for long-lasting use. Available individually or as a set of four (4). Get 10% off the TRX Exercise Bands with our exclusive discount code AMB10OFF.


TRX Foam Roller

The TRX Foam Roller works like an intense massage to soothe sore muscles and prep them for your next Fit Stop workout. Roll your way into muscular balance, better flexibility, and reduced risk of injury. Available in either 18" or 36", the TRX Foam Roller is made from high-quality expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam, allowing it to keep its shape. Get 10% off the TRX Foam Roller with our exclusive discount code AMB10OFF.



Add a little comfort during The Fit Stop workouts. The TRX Mat has a cushioned, anti-slip surface that will make you want to workout all day long. The 1/2" thick durable ribbed cushion provides support and comfort for all of your floor exercises. It is also simple to store and convenient to carry. Get 10% off the TRX Mat with our exclusive discount code AMB10OFF.


The Fit Stop

Live-streamed and on-demand workouts with customized nutrition coaching to get you back in control of your health and fitness.

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